Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why would the brake lights stay on?

The car is a 1998 Ford Escort and the brake lights stay on. Tried pumping the brake pedal and changing the fuse but they still stay on...Any ideas as to what's going on here and if you know, is it an easy do it yourself and if not, how much would it be to fix it.Why would the brake lights stay on?the switch above the brake pedal could be stuck on and is not able to free itself,that should be easy to replace,try with a small pointy pair of plyers to free it,Why would the brake lights stay on?check brake light switchWhy would the brake lights stay on?Look under the dash , just off the brake pedal for a switch, see if

moisture and dust/dirt ( whatever ) is keeping it from springing back.

It could be the internal workings of the switch as well..

You may also want to check the connectors at the rear tail lights to

see if wiring or contacts may have melted together, possibly by

holding your foot on the brake pedal for an over-extended period

of time.Why would the brake lights stay on?Check your brakes. My wife had the same problem %26amp; turned out both her rotors %26amp; pads needed to be replaced in the front.Why would the brake lights stay on?the e-brake may not be all the way down if it is then it is a bad brake switch/sensor

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