Monday, October 24, 2011

Mercedes SLK 230 Komp.. Battery Connections?

After a flat battery on the ferry, they guys on the ferry said they would jump start me and connected up the battery the wrong way around,

I have a Mercedes 230 komp 1998 automatic,

i changed the suction fuse, i now have electrics everything works ie lights radio power hood, but no ignition lights. it winds over and wants to start, as soon as it kicks in to life it chucks it straight away.

my question is.. I am in France, if its only a few al fix it here

if its wrecked al ship it home.

the prob is i only recovery for one hit either home or a garage.

Is there any thing i can look at to find out how bad the damage is.

I know your answers will be a blind stab in the dark but anything to point me in the right direction will be helpfull

thanksMercedes SLK 230 Komp.. Battery Connections?Most likely needs a new ECU - your choiceMercedes SLK 230 Komp.. Battery Connections?once experienced this with a Citroen and it never ran again ,ECU problems,don`t no if this relevant but it's possible
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  • How can i install a car stereo without a wire harness?

    I have an 89 toyota pickup and the aftermarket stereo was stolen. The wire harness was removed during the theft so only the stock bare wires are in the car. I dont want to pay for an installation because I know how to install it, I just dont know how to wire it. I found wire diagrams online (installdr etc) and have hooked it up as directed, I even changed the radio fuse (which was blown) I still have no power or response. Does anyone know how this is done in an installation shop ie hard wiring with a volt meter?How can i install a car stereo without a wire harness?your going to need a wiring harneess

    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my car ?

    I have 3 problems

    1. I have a problem with my radiator water Coolant, it dispersal, it docent have leak ( I have checked numerous of times) it just vanishes, I always am buying more to keep putting more in it, like weekly, we taught it was he radiator it self because it was pretty beat up, but it wasn't that, because the water coolant keep disappearing to no where.

    2. if I where to turn on mu AC in my car, the AC will last for maybe an Hour because for some reason it Turns hot and it makes the water coolant of my car evaporate faster. so If I turn on my AC I would have to put Water coolant in my car at d end of d day.

    3. My signals docent work ( the bilkers to tel you if I'm going to turn left or Right)my signals either they don't turn on or they stay on the right blinker. we changed the signal Fuse, and that wasn't it, we changed a little box that made the signal worked, and that wasn't it. I don't know what it is or what to do

    do you guys know what it is ? or how to fix it ?Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my car ?DOCENT is a person who works in a museum. You are looking for the word DOESN'T which is a contraction of DOES NOT.

    1) replace your radiator cap. If that isnt it, you might have a pin hole leak in the radiator you smell a strange, sweet smell when you get out of your car? If so, that is antifreeze that is leaking somewhere you arent seeing it.

    2) probably related to the radiator issue. Fix radiator first. Then, have the AC system recharged.

    3) Probably need to replace a bulb...usually, when the blincker stays on, it is because one of the bulbs is burnt out.Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my car ?try getting a new cap on your radiator mine did the same thing you coolant is evaporating so if its not from the cap get the engine hot and look/listen for the leakCan anyone tell me whats wrong with my car ?cASH FOR CLUNKERS :D

    I have a 1995 gmc sonoma and the turning lights quit working, ?

    I changed the relay fuse and checked the fuses, when I move the relay department they go on for a second and then back off (which rules out the turning bulbs) how can I fix this? Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for free to download?

    I have a 1995 gmc sonoma and the turning lights quit working, ? Well heres a quick diagnostic procedure.

    Check to see if your hazard lights work, if they do then its not a relay or a flasher.

    Check the play in the turn singal switch sometimes these just wear out common problem with fords as well.

    Hope this helps usually its a flasher or a multi function/ turn singnal switch.I have a 1995 gmc sonoma and the turning lights quit working, ?I believe you can go to have wiring diagram there. have a 1995 gmc sonoma and the turning lights quit working, ?check for a bad flasher or a bad connection at the flasher

    I have a cadillac deville 1997 and is trying to hook up a radio.?

    I am trying to hook up the Dual XD122 cd player i had bought from wal-mart. I have the adapter so I wont have to cut my factory wires. I have tried hooking it up as so have others and st first it didnt work until i had changed the radio fuse in my trunk from a 10 to a 15, then the radio came on but then i turned to car off to finish hooking it up. And it stopped coming on again. Through diagnostic situations there is nothing wrong with the radio we have tested in another car. How do i need to place my fuses for correct voltages? Can someone walk me through hooking up my cd player?I have a cadillac deville 1997 and is trying to hook up a radio.?seriously,never buy cd players from Wal-Mart.

    I think I shorted out my car audio system. HOW DO I FIX IT?

    Okay, so I was driving down the road when my system turned off. I looked back only to see that i forgot to screw in the 4 gauge power wire so pulled over and tried to screw it back in. During the process I accidently touch the ground wire and the power wire together and it made a little spark. (keep in mind that everything is still connected to my battery) To my dismay my amp wouldn't even power on. I tried troubleshooting by hooking up my old amp. That one didn't turn on either. So then I thought i blew the fuse so i changed out the fuse and even got a whole new fuse holder. still nothing. At this point im very frustrated and have no idea what is wrong. Is there a possibility that my power wire is fried? Thanks for your help :)I think I shorted out my car audio system. HOW DO I FIX IT?test your wires by testing your hot wire with a multimeter and see if theres a voltage reading on it. power wires are not that easy to fry unless you literally wired the hot to the ground (it'll melt). it also depends where your amp is mounted too...if its uninsulated and mounted to your car body, then there might be some problem. otherwise, since you said your old amp didnt even turn on, it may just be a problem with your wiring. (this is called a short, where the electric current will take the shortest root to the ground).

    all i recommend is double-checking your wiring.I think I shorted out my car audio system. HOW DO I FIX IT?i am sorry to say but you will have to replace the stereoI think I shorted out my car audio system. HOW DO I FIX IT?well my brother is really good with car systems, and he told me one day when we where hooking up his system to make shure no wires touch together it will fry your amp and subs that easily so i recommend that you watch that from now on you most likely have too get a new amp........ if not that witch im shure that's it, it could be a fuse so check them.........hope you have luck!!!I think I shorted out my car audio system. HOW DO I FIX IT?the second those two wires touched you blew a fuse someplace. if your vehicles lights and accessory lights still work then the problem lies with the amp OR the fuse on the power wire going from the battery to amp. if it is that fuse then that would explain why both of your amps didn't work. just to be sure make sure you check all your fuses in the car cause there is alot of them that go to different Accessories.
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  • Yes its me again??

    Alejandro bought $14.65 worth of groceries and paid with a $20 bill. He then went to the hardware store to buy as many fuses as he could with the change. If the fuses cost 35 cents apiece (and he paid no tax), how many fuses did he buy?Yes its me again??Do you even attempt to work it out yourself first?Yes its me again??15

    20 - 14.65 = 5.35

    5.35/ .35 = 15.28........Yes its me again??lazy-***. it takes longer to post than to figure that out. i hope nobody gives you a good answer.Yes its me again??$20.00 - $14.65 = 5.35

    If he buys 15 fuses at 35 cents each

    15 x .35 = 5.25

    Alejandro is left with ten cents.

    He bought fifteen fuses.Yes its me again??21 fuses $0.35 X 21 = $6.35 = this the total from the rest of 20.00 - 14.65 HA, Ha, HA, you learn more when you try ouy your self, Guys tell him to use my numbers.Yes its me again??Look, kid. Finish your homework and then read a book or something. You need to try to stimulate your imagination.