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I have a 1999 eclipse, when i bought the car it had a stock cd player in it so i decided to upgrade to a new?

one. when i took it out i found the the stock harness was cut at one point and put back together (probably from the previous owner) after i installed my cd player, i found that the cd player was not turning on and my gauges did not light up along with the cargo likgs and ac knobs, i pixed the lights by replacing a blown fuse, i changed the other fuses jsut to make sure the were not blown, but i still have no power to the gauges knobs or cd player, what are other things that could be worng? and how much should it cost to repair them? and would i be able to do it myself with intermediate knowledge of cars?I have a 1999 eclipse, when i bought the car it had a stock cd player in it so i decided to upgrade to a new?I too have a 99 Eclipse. And I ran into a similar problem. I was trying to hook up LED's before I knew what I was doing and I fried my rheostat (dimmer switch) this caused me to have no illumination in my car. It costs roughly $90 from the dealer, but you can probably get one cheaper from a wrecking yard, or parts store.

As for the radio, if none of the wires on the harness match, this means that the stock radio was probably stolen, or upgraded by someone who didn't know what they were doing and cut the factory plug. Most likely, if the wire colors do not match up, then you don't have a factory plug. I recommend you go to the dealership or a parts store for a replacement factory plug. If you think that may be too expensive, you can remove the plug and follow these steps.

What you'll need for testing the wires to make sure they are correct:

Wire strippers - $10-$20

Battery (AA or 9V) for testing speaker wires - cheap

Digital Multimeter, Volt Ohm Meter, or logic probe (preferably not the logic probe because they're not computer or airbag safe) - DMM - $90-Very expensive, VOM - $20-$50, Logic Probe - $10

Masking tape and pen for labeling - $5

Crimp caps and a crimping tool - Caps - $5, Crimper - $15-50 (and may come on the stripper tool as well)

What you'll do: (forgive me I can't remember what colors the wires are in my own car, but you can use these steps on any car)

Since the VOM is the happy medium between prices, I'll walk you through using that.

Step one, locate 12V constant, 12V switched, ground, and illumination. I'm pretty sure that the Eclipse doesn't have a ground wire in it's harness so finding ground should be no problem (just to be thorough, ground is anything metal that attaches to the firewall, frame, or wherever the negative terminal on the battery connects to the car).

- turn off the ignition.

- strip back a wire. Connect the red probe to the copper and the black to the metal on either side of the radio mounting location. You probably won't find it on your first try, but keep at it. 12V constant will read 12VDC on your VOM regardless of what you do with the key or the dimmer switch. Mark that wire B+ (for battery)

- 12V switched will take more time, cycle the key to ACC for every wire you test. When you find one that displays 12VDC with the ACC on and 0VDC with the key off. Label this wire ACC.

- Dimmer or illumination will show 12VDC when you turn on your parking lights/headlights. Label this Illum.

Step two: Determining speakers and polarity. At this point you should have eight wires left. These will be the positives and negatives of your speakers. Choose one wire and hold it to the positive terminal on the battery (using a AA will supposedly result in less likely damage to your speakers, but if they're stock it doesn't really matter). With the chosen wire firmly pressed to the positive terminal, connect the other wires to the negative terminal one at a time. When you hear a %26quot;pop%26quot; from a speaker you know you've found the leads for that speaker. Now you must determine polarity of that speaker. Look at the speaker while you disconnect one wire from either terminal on the battery. If the cone pops out when you reconnect the wires to the battery then you have the correct polarity on the wires. If it pops in then you have the inverse of what it should be. ex: (made up wire colors) If you have a white wire and a blue wire and then connect blue to - and white to + and the cone on the left rear speaker goes in, then label blue + and white - separate the two wires from the remaining wires and label them both LR.

- continue in this manner until you have labeled all four speakers.

After you've done this, you can directly tie the wires into the harness coming out the back of the radio. The wire colors there should be the industry standard.

-Yellow - 12V Constant

-Red - 12V Switched

-Black - Ground

-Blue - Power Antenna

-Blue White - Amplifier Turn on

-Orange - Illumination

-Orange White - Dimmer

-White and White Black - Front left speaker +/- respectively

-Gray and Gray Black - Front right speaker +/- respectively

-Green and Green Black - Rear left speaker +/- respectively

-Violet and Violet Black - Rear right speaker +/- respectively

Make sure you crimp your wires, do not use just twist them and wrap them with electrical tape, NEVER use wire nuts in a car. Crimp caps are the best balance of speed and connection. If you want the absolute BEST connection you should use solder and tape.

If this sounds like too much work, take it to your local mobile electronics shop and they should be able to take care of it for you. As for price it just depends on what they will charge for an hourly rate. Where I work its $45 hr, other places its more or less.I have a 1999 eclipse, when i bought the car it had a stock cd player in it so i decided to upgrade to a new?I can't seem to answer in 300 characters or less... message me.

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I have a 1999 eclipse, when i bought the car it had a stock cd player in it so i decided to upgrade to a new?Your dimmer switch could be fried. if you can get close to it , take a big whiff, If it smells burnt it probably is .Make sure the colors match on the harness that was reconnected Also check the fuses under the hood .I have a 1999 eclipse, when i bought the car it had a stock cd player in it so i decided to upgrade to a new?there is a second fuse box located under the hood. normally under the paneling where the wipers are.

also check the wireing you may have fried some.

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