Monday, October 24, 2011

Car amp fried?

I just got a new (used) amp for my car. I hooked it up and everything was working fine for a few days. Then I went to permanently install the amp by screwing it down and the positive line came loose. There were some sparks, I disconnected the battery, hooked it up again and nothing! No more bass.

I changed both fuses on the amp and at the battery.

I know my sub and the wiring to it is okay because I did a quick test with a 9V.

I know the RCA's to the amp are fine because I hooked them up to a separate speaker and there was sound.

I can see that the ground wire is secure and I'm guessing the positive wire is fine because there were those sparks.

The only wire I'm not sure how to test is the remote wire, but I can see the solder and it seems fine.

I've also had experience when screwing gear to metal it sometimes grounds out so I unscrewed it and it's still pooched.

What else can I do? I'm not actually sure if the amp is powering up because there's no LED's on the amp itself.Car amp fried?the blue wire should have 12 volts dc when the head unit is turned on

make sure the power wire has 12volts dc and the connection is tight

make sure the ground is tight on both ends

take a volt meter and make sure there is 12 volts dc between the power and the ground wire at the ampCar amp fried?you fried it , shorted it out when you tapped it, you can take it apart and fix it or buy a new one, some amps in the lower grade are very touchy.Car amp fried?there may also be an inline fuse on the remote wire at the back of the head unit, if you havent already checked that
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