Monday, October 24, 2011

Fuse box ford focus,behing glove compartment?

how easy is it to take fuse box of to replace a fuse behind it.i have removed the two bolts holding it on,but Carnot seam to shift it.the fuse ime trying to change is central locking fuse.number 63.any suggestionsFuse box ford focus,behing glove compartment?What you have to do is open the glove box,swing it down and you'll see the fuse box.undo the two 7mm bolts and push the two white tangs in to release the fusebox from the metal then need to lower it down and turn it around.there on the fuse box is the lock fuse 20amp(hidden between the wires).best thing to do is fit a fuse and see if it blows.if no check all locks work.which ever one doesn't you can bet its faulty.If the fuse does blow you can disconnect each door individually either at the motor or on the door opening will need a few fuses possibly until you isolate which motor is may be lucky and all work and fuse doesn't blow.Fuse box ford focus,behing glove compartment?Yours is the first car I have heard of that has the fuse box on the passenger side of the car. All others are on the drivers side. You can't move the fuse box much because of %26quot;wires%26quot; Hundreds of wires.Fuse box ford focus,behing glove compartment?the fuse box is on the drivers side (left side) under the dash, above your feet. also it has a fuse box under the hood by the battery.Fuse box ford focus,behing glove compartment?right hand side between pedals and steering wheel small pull down flap with fuses behind or larger fuse box containing relays under bonnet top right as you look at it near tax disc side of car

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