Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please help me with my laptop!?

I have an 'Advent' laptop, and my charger has just broken. I know its the charger and not the computer because the computer is working fine without the charger.

i've changed the fuse and that still hasn't worked, This happened as well in august and i sent it away to be fixed. It came back fine but the actual laptop guarantee runs out in march and I'm worried that if it is fixed again this time, it may happen again in another 3 months and i will not be under guarantee! Does anybody know if i could buy a new charger for the laptop? if so how much?

It's model: 0335C2065 if that helps!

thanks :)Please help me with my laptop!?try advent charger on ebay,bet youll find a new one one therePlease help me with my laptop!?Hi.

If you sent it away for repair once and it as again gone on you, Demand a replacement and not a repair they can't refuse to replace it if they have repaired it once and it has gone again.

Do not buy a new one make them exchange it for you and demand that you want it changed and not repaired. help me with my laptop!?Demand a new one if it's still under guarantee! but you can get a replacement from Mapland electronics but watch out they're about 25 quidPlease help me with my laptop!?You had the charger fixed? The manufacturer would normally just replace it as to fix it is not cost effective. You can go to most PC retail stores and you will find replacement charger units all you need to ensure is that the voltage is adjustable to match your original and more importantly the Ampage has to match, definately no less, more is OK but less is going to burn out the charger in a short time.

If you keep breaking the charger units then send this one back under warranty while you can and then invest in some sort of anti surge protector as you may have some sort of electrical circuit inbalance that is breaking the unit.

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