Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tigra Problems?

I have a P reg tigra and the red battery light is constantly on, It has been like this for a while and there is nothing wrong with the battery.

I have NOTHING on the dashboard...

No speed.. It is stuck on 20 MPH

No temp... It is stuck at the bottom

No miles... It is frozen

No fuel... It is stuck on red when I know the tank is full.

I am taking it to a garage tonight but i want to be prepared in case they try to lie to me.. any advice as to what the problem is and roughly how much this is going to set me back?

I have changed the fuse and this seemed to work for a while but then it just blows after a few days.Tigra Problems?Sounds like there are two problems with the car, first it sounds like there is a dead short on th clocks of the car. Not the easiest thing in the world to diagnose but it may be a simple fix.

The battery light on the dash shows if there is a difference between the output from the alternator and the power used but the car. For example if the battery is flat, there will be more power required by the battery to charge it up.

If the battery light is on all the time but the battery is not flat, I suspect that the diode pack on the alternator is faulty. This will allow the alternator output to flow to the battery even when it is fully charged. This may also contribute to the dead short behind the clocks.

Ja.Tigra Problems?Muat have a short on the back of the clock setTigra Problems?Probably the dash clock unit itself. Vauxhall supply exchange units.Tigra Problems?if you are blowing fuses it is a short circuit somewhereTigra Problems?could be fault with alternator not charging battery, could be short to negative on clocks or dashboard some where

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