Monday, September 19, 2011

91 honda accord brake light problem?

my brake light is out again, it went out once and i replaced the bulb which did nothing.. then changed the fuse and it worked. then a couple days later it isn't working again for some reason. anybody know how to fix this?91 honda accord brake light problem?I'd change the two brake light sockets , plus run a new ground wire from the trunk to the brake lights.Any good parts store should be able to supply or order you those sockets , just be sure to use the same gauge of wire and a o-ring wire connector etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck.Merry Xmas91 honda accord brake light problem?90-93 accords have brake light control modules on them(black box mounted to the back off light)they go bad.get new taillight harness %26amp; module from dealer they are sold seprate left or right sides.

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