Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back Wiper Problem... Won't work :(?


so today I think i found the problem but i dont know how to repair it.

So here how my car works:

- I got 1 Button , If i click up It wash the window, Middle Shut off wiper, Down wiper working.

So when I changed my Fuse * was no good * Wiper Works ( Push button Down ) and when I push it up ( wash it My fuse always Blow up... I changed my fuse 3 times to realise that problem.

What should I do ?.. Go to dealer is it Wire problem because I need a 10A fuse and it always blow up Before I never had this problem. :(

Started like 1 month ago %26lt;/3 No love , No love for me anymore...Back Wiper Problem... Won't work :(?if it keeps blowing fuses it is obvious that your car has a short in the wiring , take it to your local nissan garage to get the fault repaired
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