Thursday, September 22, 2011

Front power outlet in Honda Accord not working!?

The front power outlet in my 2003 Honda Accord Coupe 4cyl is not working. Its the one just in front of the shift. I changed the fuse and it still doesn't work. The one in the center console is working but I want to get an FM tuner for my iPhone so i need the front outlet. About how much would it cost for the dealer to replace this power outlet? Can I get this done at autozone or pepboys or something like that?Front power outlet in Honda Accord not working!?if the one in the console works and the one in front of the shifter does not then the problem is definetly with the socket itself. Both of the accessory outlets are on the same circuit and share the same fuse and relay.

the accessory outlet sockets are cheap. anyone can replace them. there is a nut on the back of the socket that holds it in the housing. that nut has to be removed from under the console pocket in order to remove the socket. I think the console pocket that includes the accessory socket will just pop out if you just insert a flat screwdriver blade into the gap around it and gently pry upward. Once it pops up you can disconnect the connector and remove the socket nut. I don't see why a PepBoys couldn't do this.

The factory socket has two wires. I'd buy the replacement from honda as they are inexpensive. A universal fit socket usually only has one terminal and requires a separate ground which would mean they would have to splice a new wire into the wires from the old socket. Avoid the aggrevation and buy the honda socket.

I can't imagine a dealer charging more than $30 to install the new socket if you don't want to try it yourself. the socket should be about $10 at the dealer.

hope that helps.Front power outlet in Honda Accord not working!?you could by a one into two power outlet and plug that into your cig socket for quickness and forget about the other socket you can buy one of these from any auto zone shops or car spare outlets over here in england i would go halfords and get one of the shelf

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