Thursday, September 22, 2011

No power to my amp (performance technique 2000 w)?

Okay...I took my box out of my car which was sitting in my room for about a month or so. So when I finally hooked it back up, I noticed my fuse was blown to my battery which is a 80g. Im guessing I let the fuse blow from being hooked up with power with no subs plugged in. After changing the fuse and knocking my head against the window for a few blocks I noticed a few songs didn't have that kick. So I pulled over and checked the fuse %26quot;that's strange%26quot; the 80g is still good. So I check over my wiring looks good. But theirs no power to my CAP so that's how I know theirs a issue with a power source. So I look over the remote wire which is still connected, looks fine. I thought to check the amp fuse which I couldn't pull out with ease im not going to force it. If I could afford to brake it I would just take it to a shop right? So....can anyone help?No power to my amp (performance technique 2000 w)?First off, when you took the box out of your car did you tape off the power and the ground wires? If they touched each other at any point while unhooked it would have caused the fuse to blow.

What is your amp's fuse rating, and what gauge wire are you using? The fuse under your hood should be close to the same as your amp's fuse rating. Also, you should use the biggest wire that will fit in your amplifier. They make the power and ground inserts able to accept certain wire sizes for a reason. It is not a bad idea to have another in-line fuse between your cap and your amplifier.

Most likely, you simply blew the fuses on your amplifier. Just pull them out with some needle nose pliers. Sometimes you have to pull hard, but even if part of the fuze breaks off then you can get it out with the pliers, I just did this yesterday at my job at a local stereo shop. One of the prong's of the fuse broke and I just simply pulled that out too.

If it is not the fuse then Take a small speaker wire and touch one end to the power, and one end to the remote. This will basically be like hooking up your battery directly to your power and remote. If the amp turns on then you simply have a problem with your remote.

If the amplifier still does not turn on then check the connections to all power. Try removing the Cap from your system and seeing if it works then. If so then you have a problem with your cap.

You may also try replacing the fuse under your hood. Even if a fuse does not appear to be bad, they can still go bad occasionally.

Make sure you have a good amplifier ground and a good ground on your cap. Make sure wherever you have your ground is a good thick piece of metal that has been sanded down to bare metal.

If none of the above work, than try borrowing a friend's amp and seeing if it turns on. If the amp does turn on then your amp is bad.No power to my amp (performance technique 2000 w)?It's wired, now when I put the remote back to the cigg lighter and try to jump my system no power at all. I'm pulling out my hair, is it that the guy that I got my new fuse from just sold me a bad one? Well cant be because it powered up in the first place right? Or is the remote wire bad it's self?

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No power to my amp (performance technique 2000 w)?did you check your ground wire and the front battery connection cause thats what mostly cause the amp to not turn on?

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