Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mitsubishi Eclipse runing light question and dash light?

I have a 1991 eclipse i cant seem to figure out what i need to do.I dont have the money to go to a repair shop and pay for someone to do it.When i turn on my headlights at night they work but my back runing lights dont.I changed all the fuses but it's still not working is their a light bulb and if there is how do i change them.Also my dash lights arent working as well once agian is there a bulb and if so how do i change it?Mitsubishi Eclipse runing light question and dash light?yes there are light bulbs in all of those locations however it is unlikely that they are all burned up it is more likely that the problem is in the wiring or perhaps there is another fuse panel that you are not aware of . Changing the light bulbs is fairly simple you would have to do it from the inside of the car. Just remove the plastic panels behind each light fixture and grab the light socket and turn it 1/4 of a turn to the left and the socket will come out than replace the bulb after examining it if it is in fact burned up.

As far as the dash lights are concerned check to see if there is a dimmer switch somewhere. It is most likely what the problem is .Mitsubishi Eclipse runing light question and dash light?Odds are that not all those bulbs are all out at the same time. Esp the dash lights. All of your symptoms seem to lead towards fuse problems. Aside from the fuse box underneath the drivers side dash, there is also a fuse box under the hood. You might need to check that out. But incase you do need to change you tail light bulbs you can do this by opening the hatch, and pulling back the carpet on the trunks back wall by the lights, behind the carpet you will see the bulbs.
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