Monday, September 19, 2011

What could be wrong with these dang lights?

Or, maybe, it's what could be wrong with my husband? He does not check strings of lights in the store before he buys them. He does not even check them before he gets them put up. He puts them where he wants them. Then plugs them in.

This year, half the lights on the house work. Same for the garage, half work, half don't. And now, he put the brand new lights on the tree. Same thing, half worked, half didn't. AAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

I suggested to him that perhaps the fuses needed to be changed. He tried. Took him an hour to take the fuse cap off the plug on the new string on the tree. Changed both of them. Still wouldn't work.

And he suggested to me that I go to the little bitty hardware store here and buy another string.... I did. Only, they didn't have the multi colored lights that I love. No other store in our little town sells anything like this. I didn't want to drive into town. So, I bought 3 strings of 50 lights each. One red, one green and one blue. Had the clerk plug them in, they lit up.

He wanted them to blink, couldn't find the directions on the box on how to use the blinkers. (Dang that dyslexia of his, anyway!) I found where it said to replace any bulb with the blinker.

So. he fiddled with it. Had a hard time figuring out how to put the blinker in. Sort of did it. And then the whole dang string would not light. I am absolutely sure that if he gave the bulb a quarter turn, it would have slipped right into the string. But he insisted he was doing it right. He would not let me give it a try.

One thing after another, I finally insisted that the lights needed to be steady burning. He put the regular bulb back in, all the lights lit up.

So, my question. Is it worth it to have him drag out the ladder, change the fuses on the strings for the house and the strings for the garage? Worth the argument we are bound to have? Worth his frustration if he can't get new fuses to light the whole strings? Or, just put up with half the house and half the garage lit up? (I have a fear of heights and can't climb the ladder myself. I can climb, but need to hang on with both hands. That doesn't leave me much to work with.)

Is there any other thing that could be wrong with the lights?

Should we buy all new lights (checking them in the store) and start over?What could be wrong with these dang lights?Buy a light tester - solves a lot of problems and saves a lot of time.

Some light sets don't work if only one bulb is burnt out.

If you have the large outdoor lights, I know that if the inside of the socket gets wet, the whole set will go out.

Good luck!What could be wrong with these dang lights?Did you check the actuall connection? If you're having this many problems, just go buy some more.

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