Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?

My car stereo just stopped working, amp still powers on and speakers have little sound coming out of them. I checked the fuses on the amp, is it possible that the fuse under the hood is blown? Also I am not sure how to even change the type of fuse it takes, its is like 2 x 3 inches and is black and flat and I believe says 120a or 120 on it.... Where can I buy a replacement? And is this my problem?Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?actually, it can in fact still turn on, some amps will %26quot;power up%26quot; with a ground and remote input only. In addition to this, a fuse has the ability to be %26quot;blown%26quot; to the point it will not feed all of the voltage across its element to the other side of the wire, but it sends enough to power on the amp. I have seen that happen more than once in 7 years of installing, although it is unlikely. The best idea would be to take a voltmeter to verify that there is sufficient voltage (around 12.6 or so with car off, and over 14 with car running) at the amp.

As far as your fuse goes, it sounds like you have either an ANL style fuse or a circuit breaker. If it is the ANL, and it is in fact blown, you can buy replacements at any car audio retailer, including Best Buy, etc. If it is a circuit breaker, there will be a lever to flick that resets it, and you have nothing to buy.

good luck.Will Amp Power On If The Fuse Under The Hood Is Blown?no it willl not turn on. something else is wrong. Thwe amp may be damaged internally.

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