Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christmas tree disaster help?

i bought a 12 ft pre-lit from sams. it took 3 hours to put it up and we kept the lights on the whole time we did that because thats what the instructions said to do. the ligst stayed on perfect. the next night it took us another 3 hours to decorate it , we had a huge ladder , it was really hard. so we were like, lets not turn it on until we are all done to see how it looks with everything on it. well we turned it on and then 2 minutes later they went out. so naturally we changed the fuse, and that worked for another 2 minutes and then all the lights went out again. about 2 days and 10 fuses later i am in tears now. there is no way i am taking that sucker down and back to the store. i bought lights to hang on it now but i am still wondering what i can do to make these lights stay on! helpChristmas tree disaster help?I can't say for sure because I don't know the configuration of your lights. But, if the tree is that tall, it is doubtful that all of the lights consist of one single string. In other words, it is more likely that the lights on your tree consist of several strings plugged into each other to make one long string. If that is the case, then you may have a relatively easy fix. Try to count how many strings of lights you have. Suppose you count 8 strings. Starting at the bottom of the tree count up halfway to the 4th string of lights and pull the plugs apart so that you now have sets of lights with 4 strings each. The bottom set is already plugged into the wall. Get an extension cord and run up into the tree and plug into the unlit set of 4 where you had previous pulled them apart. Doing this should take some of the load off of the fuses.

Good luck.Christmas tree disaster help?Did you try swtiching plugs? See if you can attatch another string of lights and see if they work. That way you know if it is the lights or something. I would also call Sams club and get a refund for your purchase. If they have any sense of customer service you should at least get a store credit! Hope you can salvage your holiday!Christmas tree disaster help?Oh My Goodness, what bad luck.

As I was reading your question, I could feel your hurt.

Could it be the outlet is blowing the fuses. Try plugging the lights into another outlet. Something is blowing the fuses. Do you have a lot of other things on that same outlet. Maybe it is an overload adding the lights on that big tree where you have a lot of other things plugged in.Christmas tree disaster help?Sounds like a defect. You might just have to use seperate lights on it. You could always return it after Christmas.Christmas tree disaster help?you said fuse your house fuse or your light fuse. if it your light fuse make sure you don't connect no more then three light strings together.only three together and plug into the wall. and if it your house fuse you have to much plug into one outlet.your fuse blow. separate them some in one outlet and some in a other.Christmas tree disaster help?OK, first thing to do is check the instructions and see if this is in the troubleshooting section. If not, then you should see if there is a 1-800 number in the instructions to call the company.

Is it turning off all the lights in the tree, or is it turning off all the lights in the house? If it's a house thing, maybe one of the ornaments is connecting with the tree circuits -- this is a fire hazard!

If it's a fire hazard, then one solution might be to unplug the tree, and decorate with your old lights.

But, I really think you deserve your money back. I know it's a hassle, but take it all off, and go get a tree that won't short out!

It's a lot less hassle than trying to find all your treasures in a burnt-out house.

*hugs* and I hope your next tree is *perfect*!

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