Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can a radio screw up the fuses on 99 Mitsubishi Mirage?

Here's a little background info...When I bought the car from my uncle, he had a radio installed that he wanted back. I bought a new radio and we thought that we could just switch them out and it work. My dad is colorblind and never installed a radio, but he figured he could do it himself. (My bf helped him with the colored wires) The first radio seemed to work fine and then shorted out within 5 mins. After much tinkering, we thought it was the radio itself not working. Bought a second radio, it did the same thing. Changed the fuse, it worked well for a little bit and then started flickering and wouldn't work. I wiggled the black ground wire and it started working..worked great for 10 mins, then it started shutting off and coming back on every few minutes. We turned the car off, left it alone for the night, next day we turn the car on and not only does the radio not work, but nothing in the dash works. i can't tell how fast im going, how hot the car is or how much gas is in the air isn't working good either. Everything worked wonderfully before the radio was put in. Could replacing the fuses fix everything? and if so, where can I find a fuse box diagram? i don't have the owner's manual because the car has been passed down. My dad had a little trouble with the fuse and thinks that he may have put the fuse in the wrong place.Can a radio screw up the fuses on 99 Mitsubishi Mirage?wow your so cheap

all you have to do is go on ebay and search for a

%26quot;Insert make/model of car here%26quot; to ISO lead

and buy one for a few quid/bucks w/e, and you dont have to cut, splice any wires, just clip in the adapters.

the wires were set up wrong, and you've probably damaged the electrical system if the fuses didn't blow.

just hope they blew.

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