Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How much would it cost to fix a fuse line in a 1996 Camry?

About a year ago, my son put a penny in the cassette deck and shorted out a fuse in my car. I tried changing the fuse but that didn't work, upon further investigation I used a fuse checker and its completely dead. I tried reading a Hanes manual but it confused the hell out of me. So for a year, my radio, clock, cigarette lighter, and side mirrors will not work.

Could anyone give me a ballpark estimate on how much it would cost? I had quote of 300 bucks but that seemed a little much.How much would it cost to fix a fuse line in a 1996 Camry?whats happened is more than likley hes burnt the wire behind you fuse box you may pull it off and see/fix the problem if you dont see the burn you fall in to eletrical repair which is in most shops they have a min. eletrical charge say 2 or 3 hrs. labor rate the reason being that most of the time the %26quot;fix%26quot; is minior but you spend your time finding it example i had a cust. tow thier car in for not starting they just had it detailed and then it wouldnt start we go thru the fuel and fire test and have no fire long story short 5 hrs later we find a kill switch that was wired in and triped during the detail customer had car for yrs. and never knew it was there. hes a good cust. so i charged him 3 hrs and paid my tech 5 hrs. but yes 300.00 does sound kind of high unless they have to get into the harness

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