Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Troubleshoot electrical problems on a 01' Cadillac Catera?

I have just currentyly purchased an 01' cadillac catera and its fuel door and the trunk do not open. I have changed the fuses and tested the buttons again and they still don't open and would like to know if anyone knows what other possibilities there might be causing the problem. Can anyone tell me how to go about in troubleshooting and eliminating the problem.

___ I have changed the fuse

___ Tested the buttons

___ On remote control there is a fuel door button and trunk and those dont work either


Thank you !How to Troubleshoot electrical problems on a 01' Cadillac Catera?find the wiring for those circuits and look for corrosion on the contacts and switches, if you cant reach, or find them spray the wire ends and all of the hinges with liquid wrench (in the GREEN can) this will clean the contacts and eat any corrosion and or salt contamination look for a loose or broken ground wire that goes thru another panel that may have become disconnected on the remote control you may have a system that was modified to include the security system, look behind the dash for loose and disconnected wires...good luck

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