Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuse problem?

Toyota Corolla 1993. Tail lights (braking lights work) and front parking lights don't work. I changed the fuse, the parking lights turned on for 1 second and then off again. I checked the fuse and it had blown again. Like an idiot, I did it three more times all with the same result. Lights on for a second, blown fuse. What's wrong? I read something about changing a switch but I've no clue as to how that's done. Thanks in advanceFuse problem?definitely a short somewhere after the fuse, i really dont think changing the combo switch will fix you problem. You will just have to take a look at the wiring to the parking lights either manually or via wiring diagram and check for any exposed wireFuse problem?taillight and brake lights are separate, do the taillights still work?

defective we have to guess.

put a fat fuse in there 30 amp, if it blows instantly, there is a dead short, otherwise...

take all the taillight/park light bulbs out, turn on park light switch, check fuse, put new bulbs in one at a time, check fuse each time.Fuse problem?Check that the wires in the back of parking lights are not arcing out on the surrounding metal. Allwires should be covered by the plastic coating and should not have wires exposed. Could also obtain other parking lights from wreckers and try them to see if problem reoccurs as the insulation in your parkers might be defective.

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