Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?

I have improperly jumped my '93 Olds Cutlass Ciera. At first only the aftermarket radio was not working. After changing the fuses in the radio's wire harness more things stopped working. The list of things that aren't working is as follows: dome light, power lock buttons radio, and sometimes cruise control. Today I plugged the original radio into the car with mixed results. It would play a white noise sound through the speakers and the volume knob would control the volume. The sound that the speakers were making was a whining and a series of beeps. How would I go about figuring out what is wrong with my car and how much would it cost to get it looked at and or fixed.What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?I think your radio is picking up interference from a different component which has been fried. Perhaps the interference suppressor in the ignition circuit? On older vehicles this is a capacitor near the timing points/distributor. (a metal cylinder about half an inch across) It you can find it, this is cheap to replace.What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?I don't know about your car but I Improperly jumped my girlfriend once and she slapped the snot outta me.What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?it burned out the battery plus just to be on the safe side toss it to the repair shop for an inspectionWhat do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?Unfortunately, jumping a car backwards can cause a significant amount of damage. It reverses the voltage on the electronic components and canc cause some to burn out. You might want to look at the voltage regulator, computers and other components. A good maintenance facility will likely have a computer than can check a good deal of the system. The old radio ought to work as long as the voltage is still correct. If you have a Volt Meter, check the DC voltage. It should be around 13 volts, maybe a bit more or less. If it's far higher, don't run the car as you could cause even more damage.

Take it to a maintenance facility that deals with electrical problems; that's your best bet.What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?i own a repair shop,and it has , messed it up good from doing that,i do a lot of work here in the shop,and i have repaired a few that have been crossed over,you may reversed the polarity of the battery on it,this makes things try and work back wards,and nothing will work right ,if this has happened to it you can try putting a different battery in it,and see if that helps some,but you may have to have a good electrical mechanic look at it for you ,because it may have some serious damage to it,,good luck i hope this will help,,and as far as cost go most mechanics work on an hourly bases so the price can add real fast on it.What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?its cooked.. i did that to my girlfriends needed all new wiring.. 500 dollars,and it didn't have a computer!! good luk..What do I do if I have improperly jumped my car?Wow... it is uncommon that their would be so many things fail after you reversed the battery connections while boosting. It is sounding like your Body Control Module and your Radio is fried. I highly recommend bringing your vehicle to a mechanic. Their is not much that can be done on line... or in your driveway.

I am sorry to say... but this won't be a cheap repair. Bring it to a shop you can trust... They will more then likely charge you a 1 hour diagnostic fee... decide from that point if the car is worth fixing.

The usual items that fail (in order) due to incorrect boosting are:

1) Starter

2) Alternator

3) Electronic Control Module's (Including your BCM)

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