Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PC blowing Power Cord Fuse?

I have my PC, and two 650W PSU's have blown on it. On both of those occassions, I had an extension lead plugged into the wall, then another extension lead with 6 seperate slots, plugged into the 1st extension lead.

I then had my PC plugged into one of the slots.

On both occassions my PC had been left on overnight to do things, and the next day, around mid-day, everything on the PC just turned off, I replaced the PSU both times.

This time, I bought a surge protection board. A 30 Belkin one from Argos. The company I bought my PC from said they'd send me an 850W PSU, instead of my 650W replacement since the previous broke, and my 16 Postage costs which they said they'd refund.

So, I wired up the new 850W PSU (real easy job, impossible to go wrong). Turned everything off, plugged the surge protection board into the wall, then plugged the PC cord into the surge board. I turned it on. It ran for about 30secs, the PSU was buzzing weirdly, then got louder and cut out. I replaced the power lead, same thing happened.

I changed the fuse in the same lead, the lead worked again.

A surge or something is breaking the fuses in my power leads for the PC.

A note:

When I used to have a TV and a fan plugged next to each other, in the wall, in 2 seperate slots, when I turned the fan on/off, the TV fuzzed, as if it surged.

Why is this PC surging and breaking my power cord fuses?

The surge protector board does its job, but how what is causing the constant surges, and how can I stop it ?

P.S, we use many other PC's/TV's in the house, they have never surged or broken from a surge. It's just my PC/ my room by the looks of it.

Plz help!

P.S, I am a UK, London (British) resident, in a house. So my voltage/electricity is different to anyone out there who may be in America etc.PC blowing Power Cord Fuse?Off the top of my head and reading what you say, I would say the mains socket in your bedroom [or what ever room it's in] wants looking at.

Either the copper contacts where the plug slides into have burnt out or the + or the - mains wires are loose inside the socket screw connectors.

The reason I say this is because I have seen this before.PC blowing Power Cord Fuse?Sounds like your problem is beyond the PSU, and is a failure on the mother board causing too much current to flow. Damaged Capacitor or even just a build up of fluff. PC blowing Power Cord Fuse?set your psu to 115 it's on the back most applanices here in the states

is 120 vlts not like over seas 240 volts,some applanices are 240 volts

dryers,air conditioners, out side units,some water pumps,also try plugging your computer into a nother outletPC blowing Power Cord Fuse?Sounds to me like you have a fault in your house wiring, probably just in your PC room.

Swapped neutral and earth can cause major problems with equipment as lots of current passes through the earth connections which may then fail.

If you have no expertise in this area, get an electrician in to check the sockets. It is easy for him to check with the right equipment.
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