Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My dish washer stopped working can any one help me?

it stopped in the middle of a load.... the light don't turn on it just stopped and my power cord it hard wired in to the wall... Im thinking it a fure but idk how to change a fuseMy dish washer stopped working can any one help me?There are 2 possibilities here. 1st: blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. There is a electrical service box somewhere in your house or apartment. Usually painted a dull gray and mounted flush in a wall. Open the cover and you will see little %26quot;handles%26quot; usually with numbers on them, like 15 or 20. Most will all say the same number. That number is the number of amperes of current which trips the breaker or blows the fuse. It is NOT likely you have fuses, and is highly likely you have circuit breakers. If you have fuses, the little handle is used to pull out a small enclosure, and inside this little box will be the fuses. Consult an electrician. Breakers have little handles which work just like any other electrical switch, with an ON and an OFF position. It is NOT usual for a normal appliance like a dishwasher will cause a breaker to open unless something goes wrong with the appliance, and then the circuit breaker opens to de-energize the faulty appliance. Turn the knob on the dishwasher to OFF, and then reset the breaker. Breakers have three positions, ON, OFF and tripped, which is a mid position it gets into ONLY if it trips. You can NOT put a breaker into the tripped position with your fingers. Simply flip it to OFF and then to ON to reset the breaker. Then, turn the knob on the dishwasher to start and see what happens. 2nd: If the breaker is NOT tripped then the other possibility is a faulty timer switch in the dishwasher. Again, if it does not work when you are sure it is getting power, it is time to consult a professional.My dish washer stopped working can any one help me?sounds like a breaker kicked off go to your electrical panel and check for a tripped breaker.

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