Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How much would it cost to fix a ground wire.?

I have a 93 mercury topaz. I have checked the relays and changed the fuses and the light dont appear to be blown.

I think it could be a ground wire.

how much might it cost me to have it fixed.How much would it cost to fix a ground wire.?If you are talking about the headlights, they may be their own ground. Try buying a new one, and hook it up to both sides, and see if that works.How much would it cost to fix a ground wire.?You could have a faulty headlight switch , plus you can't really sometimes properly check a fuse or bulb just by looking at them either.You should use a voltage and ohms meter and actually test the wiring to the headlights for 12 volts and the bulbs with the meter or simply try good bulbs or fuses etc in their place.

If it's both headlights that aren't working then I highly doubt it's a ground but it could be , plus it both lights aren't working there a chance that a switch or fuse is gone but usually each headlight left and right has it's own fuse.

I'd try tracing the headlight wiring or changing the bulbs or try using brand new fuses that you know are the exact same amperage and are good.Check both the under the hood fuse box and the fuse box in the vehicle , plus try getting either a shop to trouble shoot it for you or buy a service manual and follow its trouble shooting charts.

Most mechanics should be able to find that problem within an hr or less and the average cost is about 70 bucks an hr.If it is just a bad ground wire etc it really shouldnt cost you much but be sure you go to a mechanic you know and that is reliable etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way any vehicle that age is bound to have several bad grounds and rusty or corroded or faulty wires going to the battery, alternator , starter and engine block ground, plus other faulty grounds under the hood and in the vehicle.

Most of these types of problems are easy to repair and just require proper wire connectors , the right thickness or gage of wiring , and going through the connections one by one disconnecting them and cleaning them with a wirew brush etc or simply replacing them.

Keep in mind that a big do it yourself auto wreckers is a great place to buy used headlites or fuses or relays etc for any vehicle that old and you get to take the parts off yourself and be selective , plus their real cheap and you should be able to find the headlight switch and all you need there too.

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