Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do you fix my stereo?

ok my stereo is messed up its a older one but its the kind of stereo with a receiver a cd player and all that, the receiver im pretty sure blew a fuse, the receiver turns on but no sound comes from the speaker, the screen is broken on the reciever, i am absolutely sure the cd player works right and the speakers arent blown and everything like that. i just need to change the fuses im pretty sure but any advice or anythingHow do you fix my stereo?If your stereo has a fuse that is changeable AND the amplifier part of the stereo is built into the reciever, then you would need to pull it out of the dashboard, take it out and head to Radioshack. They will be able to find you a new fuse. If the recever is actually passive, you're going to need to locate the amplifier (often under a back seat or under the dash). If you can't find the fuse on there then it may be part of the main electrical fuse system of the car. Different cars have this in different locations, refer to your user manual.

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