Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?

I have a 92 Ford Taurus GL and i can not get the signals to work. The park lights work fine, headlights fine, taillights fine and the hazards. I changed the fuse, replaced the bulbs and still nothing. Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot this? What else should i try to do?Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?check the turn signal flasher on it when those go dead it knocks all the turn signals out,none of them will work,that's usually what causes you to loose all of them like that ,good luck.Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?your welcome, I'm glad that was what it was,when you described what it was doing it sounded like a bad flasher,good luck with it.

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Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?There's a thing that plugs in to make the blinky stuff happen. Some kind of relay of transitor dodad.

Ask at the parts store. For higher levels of entertainment tell the guy you need a blinky dodad so you can change lanes.

There are usually manuals for most cars at city libraries. Look thru one and the parts numbers and all will be there.Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?change the turn signal flasher, but be careful, there 2 of them. 1 for the turn signals and 1 for the emergency flashers, you want the 1 thats for the turn signals, its a little round flasher up under the dash or in the fuse block.Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?Multi-function control stalk, try to manipulate the control stalk up and down slightly while pulling and pushing against it. These have a high failure rate due to normal use and wear..Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?relay go to parts store get a repair manual and ask the guy at the counter for a signal relay.Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?if its not a relay, than its a short in the wires soemwhere...get a local mechanice to check for loose connections..good luck!Can anyone troubleshoot this for me?check for power with test light

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