Thursday, June 2, 2011

****cigarette lighter fuse????

I have a '97 ford escort and my lighter stopped working a while ago... i need it for my ipod/cellphone... can someone pls tell me how to change the fuse?

I don't have a car manual so i'm not sure where exactly it is or which fuse it'll be...

also where can i find new fuses and apx how much are they??

Thanks!!!****cigarette lighter fuse????if u cant find where the cigerette lighter fuse is ul have to go thru each fuse to see which one is blown its not hard to tell the difference, and once u find it it should say on fuse what size it is and just get new one....yeh there only $1****cigarette lighter fuse????when you pull the cover off the fuse panel there should be a sticker with what fuses go to what. Pull the fuse to the lighter and get a replacement of the same amperage. Should only cost about $1****cigarette lighter fuse????the type of fuses used are really cool designed on your car as well as most. If you look at the end of them you'll see a number 5a, 10a, etc. this is the amp of the fuse, on either side of that number are little metal tips they are there for you and I to test the fuses if blown. Go to auto zone and get an electrical tester(looks like a long pencil with a wire coming out where an eraser should be) the wire has a clip and the other end of the tester has a sharp point. it will likely have a protective cover over the tip to protect you from poking your self, the clip gets clamped on any metal spot you can find around the fuse panel (brake pedal may work) then you simply touch the sharp pointer one at a time on those metal tips referred to earlier. one side should light up and the other not if the fuse is blown for the cigarette lighter. some fuses are only hot when the key is on and others are not. on Fords you'll see the words IGN , ACC and I believe pos. Ign is with the key toward start, Acc is lit usually both ign and Acc and pos is always getting power even if the key isnt in the lock at all. hope this helPS. ps the fuses pull straight out and I advise a small fuse kit with an assortment for your fuse type it usually includes a fuse puller tool and you put the rest in your glove box for future needs.

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